By joining a highrise highlights group, you get to visit two of the highest rooftops in the festival. Because you go up in a small group, there is ample time and room to enjoy the view and take as many pictures as you like. This tour has no guide, but you are greeted and assisted at both locations. Check your ticket for the exact times and locations where you are expected. You must arrange your own transportation between the locations.

De Delftse Poort, situated right next to Rotterdam Central Station, is an audience favourite of the festival. And you can see why, with its 90 meters (the lower of the two towers) it is an excellent place to look out over the city. The second building, the Rotterdam, takes it up a notch with 151 meters. And we’re going even higher, because we’ve placed referee chairs on top of the building. That way you can look over the glass wall they’ve built on the rooftop.

For more information and tickets visit the website of “Rotterdamse Dakendagen”